Chiller maintenace

OSC's chiller service (department) focuses mainly on refrigeration equipment and manufacturing industrial grade refrigeration equipment. OSC's patented temperature control and refrigeration equipment lead the industry in energy & space efficiency with a superior design and manufacturing process. OSC is the recognized leader in temperature control technology and quality and also provides customized solutions.


  • RD and Design:Develop and manufacture tools based on customer needs.
  • Routine inspection service:Provide periodic maintenance, provide early warning for problems and reduce corporate cost risk.
  • Maintenance service:Qualified service personnel for all makes and models.
  • Upgrade service:Provide model upgrade service based on customer needs.

Maintenace Projects

  • THERMO - Neslab:Steelhead 1、Steelhead 0、System ll/lll
  • THERMO - Neslab:HX-75、HX-150、HX-222、HX-281、HX-300、HX-750
  • THERMO - Neslab:CFT-75、CFT-33、CFT150、CFT-75A、CFT-25、M33
  • THERMO - Neslab:RTE-100、RTE-110、RTE-211、 RTE-134
  • SMC:INR-498-001B、INR-498-001C、INR-498-0012B、INR-341-59A-X117、H-2000、INR-341-44A
  • LAM:LAM2080TCU
  • Affinity serial:PNE-H20K-ED36CBC0、PAE-020K-BE38CBD4、PAE-007K-BE38CBC3
  • Edwards:TC40/80
  • M and W system:RPCE52W-SSMT-H/V3、RPC140W-SPU
  • RISSHI:TR-3000、EX-2008、MEXK-2002、MEXX-2003、CS-1500VL-2KS
  • AQUAtech:AQW-K12-AMT、AQW-K4-TY-02、TCW-40006LG-G、T02-PC3
  • CKD:HYP3006W
  • SHINWA:CH1-H6-T2、CHM3E-21-00-BL/1、CHX4E-21-20-03
  • HITEMA:ECA001/60
  • O-KUMA:OE-2W-CE1
  • TOKTO:D230、D214、D204
  • MIURA:MTW-3750BG-G6、MDW-1500BG、MTW-2200BG-G6
  • SPEED:SEC-1500、SPEDD3000

Maintenace Projects

  • 1. Provide free on-line inspection and provide an inspection report within 5-7 days to report on tool status and provide recommendations on preventative service or PM.
  • 2. Can provide backup tools depending on customer needs and tool conditions.
  • 3. 24hr on call .
  • 4. Lead-time of 7-10 working days for general maintenance and repair.
  • 5. Three month's warranty on general parts (six months warranty on pump and compressor).
  • 6. Anti-freeze (&) waste (oil) disposal can be arranged with the service engineer for central disposal to avoid environmental damage.