Pump maintenance

OSC's Vacuum Pump maintenance service covers semi fabs, TFT fabs, optoelectronic fabs and all models of vacuum pumps with strong customer focus. OSC provides excellent customer service from our highly qualified service team to help our customers reduce costs. Spare pumps are also available to alleviate service down time.

Service Quality

Routine inspection service
Provide routine inspection service based on customer needs. Tool status is recorded on SPC charts for tracking and to minimize the risk of down time.
Maintenance service
Provide qualified service team to achieve the best quality service.
*Dry Pump&Oil Pump overhaul

Service Quality

重來機 40X20 65X40 50X20 80X25 150X40
A系列 A10S A25S A30W A70W A150W
AA系列 AA20 AA40 AA70 AA200  
IQ系列 IQ40 IQ80      
IH系列 IH80 IH160 IH600 IH1000 IH1800
QDP系列 QDP40 QDP80      
QMB系列 QMB250 QMB500 QMB1200    
  • PASCAL Series(油式pump):2005、2010、2015、2021、2033、2063
  • Series one: ADP80/81、ADS301、ADS501、ADS801
  • Series two:ADP122、ADS602、ADS1202
  • ATP Series(乾式pump):ATP80、ATP100、ATP150、ATP400、ATP900C
  • ISP90、ISP 250B、ISP 500B
Edwards BOC
  • ESDP12、ESDP 30、GVSP30
  • DIS90、DIS 250、DIS 500
  • TriScroll300、TriScroll600

維修流程 Service Quality

Before Maintenance:
After Maintenance:
Maintenance Picture: